Jharna Shah Makeup Artist

Cheers Creative can proudly say that their collaboration with Jharna Shah has been a marvellous journey. What started as an idea, brought together two strong and determined teams – both maestros in their respective art zones.
Ideas led to a belief which in turn had us exploring through art. The powerful vision generated by Jharna and the expertise that Cheers merged it with provided both the factions to go into the depth of their creativity and produce amazing results.

Stories2With Jharna Shah, Cheers has had another of an opportunity to discover the extent of what a combination of their skills and professionalism can help them achieve and create a foothold in such a competitive arena.
Right from logo design, letterheads, t-shirt branding and other print materials to helping their social media profile and creating an extravagant website, it is an amazing journey we have embarked on.

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A carefully planned and executed digital marketing strategy was laid out. This involved thorough research into the client’s industry and innovative solutions to gain visibility and an ever-increasing loyal audience.
A passionate approach with a dedicated team of creative masterminds is what we are. Every design created is akin to art; an art which eventually becomes a flag bearer to the brand it represents. We boast an ability to effortlessly camouflage ourselves to the industry that each of our clients represents. With Jharna Shah, we fine-tuned our mind and molded our strategies to not only match the ongoing trends of the beauty world but also set examples of the fact that we are trend-setters above all.





The redesigned ‘Jharna Shah’ logo, with all its simplicity and fine creation, emerges to stand out for its uniqueness. Moreover, an excellent logo creates an identity for the company blending with the essence of what the company has come into existence for. Our logo in the said sense, perfectly speaks out for its purpose. Quirky when needed, professional designs for corporate firms – every design is well planned to accomplish respective goals. Upon the finalization of a logo for Jharna Shah, company profile, letterheads, visiting cards, menu, T-shirt branding, certificates, banners, PPT templates and more followed.
Furthermore, we have maintained an active presence for Jharna Shah across various social media platforms (regular posts and viral activities) using powerful creatives and content aimed at creating a strong connection with our followers. The collaboration is a complete initiative involving advertisement and sales driven marketing using the print and digital media platforms.